Dec 2, 2012

Japanese art into new style of textile

Visited JFW Textile trend 2013-14 AW 
The main purpose for the visiting was to meet "Komon Hirose".
I am so into this Japanese great artworks!
 The Edo Komon Hirose was estavblished in 1918. Their art pieces are all made by hand one by one.. 
 It is originally for Kimono ( Japanese traditional wear) textile, 
but they start using this Komon pattern for scarf so that we can use it in everyday life.
 It is a very simple solid color textile when you see it from afar. 
Take a close look! Tiny little holes show up on the fabric, giving gorgeous pattern. 

Play and create your own pattern :) 
Unique iPhone/ iPad app are available on Apple store! 
Search "Hirose Dyeworks01"

Hope to have a chance to introduce these fine arts to my overseas customers!


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